Do they believe we are stupid

Do they believe we are stupid?

Historical Newsletters
Volume 4
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Dear friends

After September 11, 2001 nobody claimed to be behind the largest and most successful terror attack ever carried out. The "American" government, headed by the illuminate/freemason President Bush Jr. "knew" it was Osama bin Laden who was behind the attacks - he and his el Qaida group. I am suprised  Bush Jr. did not mention Osamas brother Mar me Lade(n) as part of the same group.

As the Moslem world was demanding proof of the allegation, like sun from a darkened sky "American" agents found a video showing Osama bin Laden. He admits to being behind it all, but incomprehensibly to me, Americans have to interpret what Osama bin Laden says or means. In a country where television is hardly to be found, Osama bin Laden had a video-camera. Do you believe that??

How stupid do the "Americans" think we are?

I have heard of Hollywood. I have even seen some of the pictures made in that Jewish stronghold on the West Coast of JewSA. I have seen this Jewish propaganda office make apes out of humans. I have seen the Jewish cosmetologists create the most unbelievable images and make them look real.

During WW2, one of the Jews of Hollywood made propaganda movies for FDR. These "movies" showed Germans as evil, devilish persons - persons who killed babies and tortured prisoners.

They forgot to show Germans poisoning wells with dead corpses (Or was that a propaganda trick from WW1?).

Could the Jews of Hollywood "create" an Osama bin Laden????

Of course they can. They can even "create" an Osama which his own mother would could not recognize as a fake.

We all remember how the Jews of Hollywood promised President Bush Jr. their help after September 11.

Why does the JewSA need control over Afghanistan?

Firstly, the CIA needs the opium produced in Afghanistan. The Taliban believed the JewSA, as the JewSA government said they were against the opium trade, whereupon theTaliban put a stop to the production of opium. What a mistake?

Secondly, the Bush family and a lot of the good old "Americans" have stocks in oil companies which want to lay a gas pipeline across Afghanistan to India and Pakistan. Such a pipeline can not be laid in a country not occupied by the same good old "Americans".

These are some reasons, I trust that you might find many more as time goes on and the evil forces reveal themselves.

I leave you here, wishing you a happy new year - a year where we might live among ourselves without the devilish JewSA.

If Jewish audacity/swindle, Chuzpe, is right, then resistance must be a national duty.

Heil og sael