A Lebanese Ex-Minister killed

A Lebanese Ex-Minister killed

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Dear kindred and fellow Aryans

To day, January 24, 2002 a shocking new reached the world, ex-liberal minister and militia leader Elie Hobeika was killed by a car-bomb outside his house. Hobeika led the Christian militia during the massacre of Palestinian refugee camps Sabra and Shahla during Israeli invasion of Beirut in 1982.

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What makes the killing so remarkable?

Hoeika had promised to be a witness during a law suit regarding Ariel Sharon in Belgium.


Let us look to the back-ground of the story

Belgian Judge opens a Law Suit on Sharon.

The Belgian investigating judge Patrick Collignon has started investigating Israels prim minister Ariel Sharon for his role in the masacre on Palestinian refugees in Sabra and Chatila in 1982,

Sharon risks to be indicted for crimes against humanity. Belgium has opened for placing anyone befor court, regardless of nationality or place, when it comes to war crimes and genocide. Collignon is investigating Sharon if there is basis to take him to court said Josef Colpin at the prosecuting authority in Brussel.

Collignon started after he had heard allegations from two survivors which he believes.

Sabra and Chatila

Sharons problems started after BBC in her prestigious program Panorama sat the surge-light on Sharons past, his role during the massacre on at least 700 Palestinian refugees u camps Sabra and Chatila in Beirut in 1982.

An Israeli investigation comity said after the massacre that Sharon had indirect responsibility for the massacre which happened while his was Foreign Minister.

Many leading layers and international law experts said to BBC during the program that Sharon could and should be indicted for war crims . 28 survivors of the massacre took contact with a Belgian court after the program.

Universal jurisdiction

Belgium said in 1992 that her courts should have universal jurisdiction in cases of war crimes regardless of nationality of what the accused might say or where the crimes took place.

During the beginning of June a Belgian Court found two Catholic nonnes guilty for having taken part in genocide in the home land, Rwanda, in 1994 and convicted them to 15 and 12 years prison.

A delegate of the Israeli Director of Public Prosecutions travelled to Belgium last week to investigate what problems Sharon would meet if he came yo the country. This according to Haaretz.

No stop in Belgium

Sharon does not look upon the announcement seriously, but he will not travel to Belgium on his tour to Europe last autumn.

Belgium became leader in EU, European Union, during November, so a visit would have been naturally. Sharon stoped in Berlin and Paris. According to the Israeli news paper Haaretz Sharon had planned to visit Brussel on this tour.

Dialogues between the two countries must now take place outside Belgium Israeli source says.

Bad case.

Israeli diplomats are following the case closely, but does not believe, according to Haaretz, that Belgium will require Sharon extradited.

This is an embarrassing and bad case said one diplomat to the news paper.

Israeli Foreign Departments legal advisor, Alan Baker, have warned that globalization of international human laws might be bad for Israeli leaders and military.

Tow years ago London took steps to demanded Shimon Peres extradited in conjunction with Israeli massacre of 100 refugees in a UN-camp in Southern Lebanon in 1996.

Ariel Sharon finds a Belgian defender.

Israeli Prim Minister Ariel Sharon have taken a Belgium defence layer to help him in the notification regarding massacre of refugees in Lebanon in 1982.

This news was brought by Israeli newspaper Haaretx Thursday. Sharons office has up til now ignored notifications from tow Belgians and one Lebanon layer on behalf of 23 survivors after the massacre in the refugee camps of Sabra and Chatila. Many hundred Palestinians were killed by Christian Lebanese Militia in a area controlled by the Israeli military.


Indicted in Belgium

Sharons more active behaviour in the case is interpreted as a way of getting the case thrown out of court before a Belgian court take on the case.

Can be many more cases.

Thursday a Israeli Radio told that Israel have received information that many case like the one against Sharon can be opened towards Israelis. For instant against a military chief and a commander in the army. They have all, according to the radio, broken human rights on Palestinian area.

Israeli response

Jerusalem Mayor. Ehud Olmert, accuses Belgium of anti-Semitism and recommend his party-colleague Ariel Sharon to send the Belgian Prim Minister to Hel.

The rancorous came as the Belgian Prim Minister, Guy Verhofstadt, came as the leader of an Europan Union delegation to Israel.


Who killed ex-minister Elie Hobeika?

I will in this article not point directly to one person, but use a well-known Jewish tactic by saying it is most likely that Prim Minister Ariel Sharon stands behind the killing. During all attacks by frustrated Palestinians - youths frustrated because the Israelis dont want to meet the Palestinian demand for their own country with their own boarders - the Jews and especially Sharon have pointed to Arafat as the guilty. Never have Sharon or the Jews looked into the reason for all the frustrated young Palestinians. Palestine should be the homeland for the Palestinians, not a land where Jews could settle under protection of Israeli tanks and armoured vehicles. The demand/request of a country was what gave the Jews Israel in 1948. Based on the once Jewish wish it is understandable that even Palestinians must be given their own country.

Through out the last 30 years Israeli politicians and military have been violating all laws regarding occupation of a country: Israel have allowed and encouraged Israelis to settle on occupied territories. No other country in the world have ever allowed nor encouraged its inhabitants to settled on occupied territories. Earlier such movement of people have occurred after a peace-agreement have been reached and the territory in question have been given to the occupied state.

The killing of ex-minister Hobeika is fortunate for Sharon as Hobeika wanted to tell the Belgian court of Sharons involvement ib what happened in 1982. If the loss of Hobeika as a witness isnt fortunate for Sharon what is?

I leave you here knowing you all are intelligent enough to draw your conclusions.

If Jewish audacity/swindle, Chuzpe, is right, then resistance must be a national duty.

Heil og sael