History of Kosher Tax

History of Kosher Tax

For hundred of years orthodox rabbis have stamped meat with a (K) for kosher to raise money for jewish day schools and various jewish societies. England passed a law in 1933 making this rax øegal but it provided that the tax could only apply to meat sold to jews and could not be charged to Christians.

In 1919 Joseph Jacobs, not a rabbi, in New York City came up with an advertising scheme. Food producers would pay him for the right to print a (K) on their products and he would advertise them as kosher on the yiddish radio station WEVD. This proved to be an effective money maaker. Thus, in 1925, he got together with a group of orthodox rabbis to form "the committee for the furtherance of torah observance".

They greatly expanded the business. This practice of kosher certification is unknown to most gentiles who actually pay the great share of the tax since jews make up only 3% of the population in US. It continues to spread to more and more products including items which cannot be made kosher.

Mrs Trude Weiss-Rosmarin, the worlds foremost authority on what constitutes kosher, wrote:

"Today you find in the list of items now certified as kosher: applesauce, asprin, horseradish, corn starch, cranberry sauce, diaper-washing deoderants, herring, dried fruir, honey, lemon juice, mustard, effervescent mineral salt, pickle, relish, vinegar and similar products which positively do not require a kosher certificate, just like Coca Cola or any other drink."

Nevertheless, look at the drinks and cleaners in food store and see how many bare the (K) or the (U) imprinted.

Some years ago one could in Norwegian news-papers read that even exporters of salmons now were able to sell kosher-salmons.


How the kosher symbols (K) and (U) were chosen

The book of Kashrut , written by Abraham Goldstein, makes it slear that jews rejected the star of Dacid or Hebrew lettering as a kosher sign because thgey did not want to alert Christians to this tax. Goldstein wrote:

"The choice of aaa proper kosher symbol was of extreme importance to the company producing food for consumption by Christians as well as jews. The symbol should not convey the impression that the food in the package was for jews only, which might be the case if Hebrew lettering or the star of David were chosen as the krahrut symbol.

After exploring numerous suggestions of the kind of symbols that would be acceptaable, the committee realized the futility of attempting a distinctly jewish symbol and devised the (U) which signifies the two letters of the words Orthodox Union, referring to the "Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations."

The jewish Press of February 26, 1988 made it clear that the jews do not wish the Christians to know they are paying money to a jewish religious organization. It quotes Menachem Lubinsky, a major marketeer of kosher products, as saying:

"The industtry (producing kosher products) should tell inquisitive Christians that kosher has become something like the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval". It makes a product appear to be healthier and better quality."

The Washington Post of November 2, 1987 quotes rabbi Schulem Rubin from the Bronx as saying:

"kosher doesnt tast any better; kosher isnt healthier; kosher doesnt have less salmonella. You can eat a Holly Farm chicken which sells for 39 cents a pound and next taste a kosher chicken selling for US$ 1.69 a pound and not tell the difference. Theres a lot of money to be made. Religion is not based on logic."


Its all about money - not Religion

The U.S. FDA and local agencies already check food manufacturers for purity and edibility. Jewish kosher approval does not make products more sanitary or wholesome. The largest kosher organisation, The union of orthodox rabbis, haas 130 rabbis whom they send out to inspect food companies all over America. They tell them that kews will refuse to buy their products, a boycut, if they are not marked with their (K) or (U). They are not bashful in broadly hinting that any refusal to pay for these "kosher inspectors" would indicate that the company is "unfriendly or insensitive" to jewry.

Today, the rabbis have their imprint on such non-edible products as Reynolds wrap foil, Scott paper, Ajax Cleanser, Bon Ami, Palmolive soap - do Jews eat Brillo Pads????

This is nothing more that a gigantic blackmail racket!!! Just imagine the outcry from AACLU if a Christian group began a program of selling a cross imprint on products.


How large is the kosher tax?

Kosher food is prepared according to dietary laws in the Old Testament

Let us see how much each consumer pays in tax to the greedy jews:

product         Kessel             Shop Rite

                      kosher             non-kosher

chicken         $ 1.99             $ 1.65

rib-steaks        5.59                4.99

club steaks       3.99              3.19

shoulder steak   3.69             1.99

turkey breast     2.60             1.49

hot dogs           3.99              2.99

So dear friends start calculating how much tax you contribute to the satanic jews every day you buy meat whit their stamp on.

My suggestion is to start asking for products without a kosher sign on. It is no meaning in us paying tax to them.

Call your local politician and make him aware of the racketeering the jews are doing.


Killing of animals the kosher way

For those of you that dont know how cruel and gruesome the are when killing animals, shekhita, I suggest you buy the video call "The eternal Jew".  All killing is done by a shokhet after the animal has been scared and is afraid, when the killer, shokhet, sticks his knife in the animals throat the blood flows out all while the animal is alive and screams.

You can buy the video here:

http://www.grusskarte.de/cgi bin/cards.dll?action=create&me=germa&id=hng1

I have seen the video, produced in Germany during the late 1930s.

I almost vomited as I saw the jews killing an ox and a sheep. But then again I am an Aryan and as such an animal lover. My ancestors have for thousands of years lived close to domestic animals and learned to love and respect them.

The jews are nomads and have only love for money.

We MUST protect our religion and we MUST have the rights NOR to pay tax to rabbis and a people who wants to kill us. Just read the talmud, here they say what they think about us and do with us and our children.