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What is it with the Jews

What is it with the Jews?

The New Stürmer

Volume 3

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Dear kindred and fellow Aryans For centuries, the Jews have been intruding annoyingly in our lives. They have been making life difficult for us throughout the entire duration of the last century; they have been intimidating our politicians to fight their wars and battles for them. I think it is enough to mention two world wars, a war in Korea, a war in Vietnam, a war on Iraq, one on Serbia and lately a war on defenceless Afghanistan to give you a picture of what I mean. For the last 53 years they have forced our politicians to support their savage behaviour toward a defenceless people living in Palestine. They even forced the world to give them part of Palestine as a homeland. Some reasons for which they should have been given a homeland were:

 - their god, Yahwe, had given that land to them

 - they needed a land where they could live

 - they had been mistreated during WW2

 - they were not welcomed in any country on earth

Regarding the last reason: they were not welcomed in any country on earth; our politicians forgot to ask them why they were not welcomed! They forgot to ask the Jews if they themselves could be the reason for not being welcomed anywhere.

As the main bulk of the Jews are Khazars and not Semites, they cannot assert to have been given a country in the Middle East by Yahwe as theirs. As for the Jews who actually have their roots in the Middle East, they cannot claim to be the possessors of a land there. Abraham and his sons were sheep holders, i.e. nomads. Nomads cannot stay in one place, as their sheep would destroy the land; consequently, a sheep holder must travel with his flock of sheep. The Jews were combining sheep farming with trading and trading goods all over the Arabic world. That kind of tradesmen do not possess land!!!! As the Jews, some of them, eventually settled down to exploit the Arabs/Palestinians, they settled in areas already inhabited by other people or, if we were to say it in a Jewish way, they settled in a land given to a people by God. Should you ever say this out loud and in public, the Jews would have the police drag you to court for anti-Semitic speech. The same police will never drag a Jew to court for lying about us Aryans, or writing bad things about us. Have you ever heard of a Jewish rabbi been prosecuted for the writings in the talmud?????

Some years ago a Jew, Jew Leipke Distel, born in Wilna, Lithuania, says regarding his and other Jews planned murder of Germans: "I think we were the only people who took revenge on The Third Reich after the war." This was printed in German newspapers. Distel admitted that he and some friends after WW2 killed more then 3,000 Germans, women, children and men. Distel was not prosecuted for those crimes. What do you think would have happened to you if you had admitted to the killing of one Jew, and what happens to young Palestinians throwing stones on Jews in Palestine today? Jewish killers are called soldiers in the press, and they shoot young Palestinians - whose only crime is that they want to live in peace in their own country. Crime of War To allow it's own inhabitants to settle in occupied territory is a crime of war. Ever since 1968, Israeli inhabitants have settled on occupied Palestinian land, and not one Israeli prime minister or president has been dragged to court for these war crimes. Not even the world's big bad wolf, Germany, committed such crimes during WW2. That crime is a daily occurrence in Palestine. What do you think would have happened if was the other way around, if Palestinians had settled in occupied Israeli territory??? Torture - a crime against Humanity All countries except Israel condemn torture, and the UN has laws forbidding these actions. In spite this, the new Israeli Ambassador to Denmark easily entered Denmark without being imprisoned and tried for such crimes. Israel's new ambassador, Carmi Gillon, is a torturer. As leader of the Israeli domestic intelligence service, Shin Bet, from 1994 to 1996, he was responsible for tortures being committed against Palestinians. What had happen if a Danish torturer had arrived in Israel?????


Closing words

I leave you here, and encourage you to stand up for your race and country. We MUST fight them. We CAN not let them booze around with us anymore.

We MUST protect our land and race - but foremost we MUST protect our children from the evil Jews.