The New Stürmer Volume 4

The New Stürmer Volume 4

"Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews."

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Dear kindred and fellow Aryans

What is then the reason for the JewSA attack on Afghanistan?

Many reasons can be seen. One is the need of the Jews to supply their racial brothers with opium from Afghanistan. The Taliban shut down the production and transport of the drug - Taliban believed it when Jewish UN said they wanted a war un drugs. What Jewish UN wanted was to establish a Jewish monopoly of the drug-traficing. Jews have started or rather have forced Christian countries to go to war on states not allowing Jews to trade in the contraband earlier - remember the Opium-War on China in 1849 - 51.

Second reason, and this is a strong reason for the Bush-family, pipelines for gas and oil through Afghanistan for consumers in Pakistan and India. War have been fought on lesser reasons then oil-supplies earlier.

Afghanistan might even hold valuable minerals, minerals which could be of great importance for the evil Jews. Because if any minerals are found in Afghanistan they will be exploited by the Jews.

The Uproar in Mazar-i-Sharif Prison

As in many allied prisons in Germany after WW2 the bloodthirsty Jews and their lemmings had to quench their thirst after the battle on Afghanistan. As inn Germany after WW2 none of the news-media reported of the departure of the human rights which any Prisoner of War has after a war.

As was the case in Germany during WW2 many none-Germans fighting for Germany, many none-Afghans fought for Taliban during the battle of Afghanistan.

Let me tell you of one of the interrogators of JewSA, Johnny Michael "Mike" Spann, 32 years, have told about how he interrogated POWs with a handgun. If he did not like the answers given to him he shut the Moslem PoW.

Nobody will be able to ask Mr Spann regarding his involvement in the uproar in Mazar-i-Sharf. But one are allowed to have ones own thought of what the reasons were for the uproar.

We will never learn the truth behind what happened in Mazar-i-Sharf. Not even the American, John Walker Lind, who fought with the Taliban will ever be able to tell. Mr Walker will be trailed and placed in prison - whit no contact with the world.

JewSA learned after the imprisonment of German and their allies after WW2 that prisoners do tell if they are abused by Jews and their lemmings. And telling all who were imprisoned have done. Norwegian patriots started to tell as soon as they were released from prison, before that their family had told of abuse. Norwegian patriots wrote books telling of abuse and misuse of the Norwegian legal code. In Germany and other countries which had soldiers fighting for the Germanic race against the Jews and Bolsheviks, freed prisoners have told and written books on the abuse they had faced in Jew run prisons. The Jews do not want any Taliban soldier to tell - because that might rock the boat for the Jews towards the cooperation with the Moslem world.

The terrorizing of Afghan PoWs which now take place at Guantanamo Bay will be known to the world eventually - unless the PoWs die from unknown reasons - such deaths are well-known in JewSA runed PoWs-prisons.

What will be the next target of JewSA?

After Afghanistan JewSA will probably start the battle against Sudan and other countries in Africa who might be against a Jewish rule over their minerals, oil and gas. Then Tunisia might be a country which will learn what democracy Jewish way means.

Finely when all the world has bowed to the Jewish master in Jerusalem and New Jerusalem/Jew York Russia will have to face JewSA.

With all countries surrounding Russia as members of NATO the Russians will have a tough time defending themselves.

The Jews will eventually take over all of Russia. It has been a hard blow to them that the President of Russia, Putin, have opened law suits against some of their racial brothers complaining that Jews who used to live in Russia (remarkable these jews - the thieves now live in Israel) have stolen money from Russia and transported that money out of the country. Such behaviour, taking loots away from Jewish thieves, can not go on without reaction from the Jewish community in JewSA. But since JewSA do not have power enough to start the war on Russia she will need "help" from other countries - help they only can get by suppressing free countries.

If the Jewish community in JewSA would allow a goi like Putin to take away loots from Jews that might send a message to other political leaders they might do so too. That would be very cosly for Jews in JewSA ot other country for that mater.

Entering the New World Order

The word terrorism or terrorist can be interpret as it suits whom ever want to do so. Anything rocking the boat is by Jews looked upon as terrorism. We need to see what will happen when the lawsuits against the various members of Taliban start. Not that I believe we ever will hear what they will be accused of, neither will we hear any of their defence. That could prove what bad proof the Jews have in their accusations.

If you dont understand what power these laws/nills gives the illuminate/freemason G. Bush Jr and his lemming secretaries, then I dont know what I can do to save you from a coming Jewish power over the whole world.

There will not be a bird Phoenix flying out of the ashes after WW3. No, we will then be living in a illuminate/freemason world where Judaism and Jews are ruling our White Christian world. We will be ruled according to Nahila-Laws, Laws already approved by the JewSA senate.

We, the White people, can not be rolled according to talmud. That is only for Jews. The Nahila-laws are Jewish laws for us.

In The New World Order the Jews will be the masters and Jerusalem will be the worlds capitol. This was prophesied by David ben Gurion way back in the 60ties. What is frightening me is that none of our politicians seams to react on the Jewish misuse of us and our freedom.