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Briefly about the Bolgaro-slovenian volk

Briefly about the Bolgaro-slovenian volk

One Bulgarian chronicle , published by Georgi Stojkov Rakovski

The volk of Bulgarians went in the ancient times to the Black sea to river Volga from the Great Scandinavia , and were they Kimmerians and Gimmerians calling themselves . They multiplyed and went this country first before Alexander Macedonian.

The first King was Ilirik – since 3522 from the Creation of World (1976 BC) , and King Bladilij reighned after , and he won Philip Macedonian and his subject did him he done. Since 3685 (1823 BC) the brothers Brem and Bolg became kings , and because they many kings won and many lands conquered , the people named themselves after them. Brem conquered the Western land , and left they to the Western sea , Baltic by Pomerania , and named they themselves Slovenians and Brandi-Bures. Bolg conqured the Eastern land , and settled he with his people , and named they themselves Bulgarians , who with Alexander Macedonian and his Macedonians were in war.


Remark : In this document two events are confused – The Celtic invasion in III c. BC and the migration of Kimmerians in the beginning of II millenium BC. We find , that there were two kings named Bolg – one earlier Kimmerian , Vorefather of Bulgarians , and another one Celtic with the same name , who reighned later.