A story

A story about the Kings daughter

(chosen excerts)

The Story about the Kings daughter is a medley of songs , one sourse of Proto-Bulgarian mythology. It is written in XV c. in Kazan , in the lands of Volgean Bulgaria by Michael Bashtu. The oryginal text is written in Tatarian , the most common language in these lands then , but later is translated in Russian too. The Russian version survuived after the Bolshevik violations , when the Bolsheviks destroyed all the Musliman literature , written in Arabian script.

The story about the Kings daughter is based on the Hunian oral tradition. It is extablished , that the pantheon there is Bulgarian , because the Hunes adopted the Bulgarian pagan religion. There are also some elementes of the Hunian history and mythology for example the legend about the Crow , who saved the humans from world catastrophe , mentioned bellow.

Such is the destiny of this Bulgarian Edda , preserved in the distant Volgean lands.

About the Creation of world ,

the Lord God Tangra and the Smith-god Hursa

Part I
song 1


In olden times

When in the Earth

Were not still humans

Created the Lord God Tangra alps-dives.



First created He

The higher alpes*

The Sun and Moon

And some other as well.



From the higher alpes

Bore middle alpes**

The alpes became numerous

And fights broke because it.



The figthting alpes needen in weapons ,

Which made for them

The Son of Sun

Alp Hursa.



Was he an excellent smith.

Was he going all over the Earth

Searching for ore

For his smithy.



In his ways

Is going people up till now.

They consider Hursa

For their protector.



Nobody might

Crossinng his way.

Disapears the power

Of his weapon.



Round the Hursas smithy

Grew mountains of slag.

The people lett to call them Hursa-alp

Where from the name became Ural.***



Allthough immortal were the alpes

Vulnerable were they for the Hursas weapon.

After many battles feared they to perish

And came they to terms to use

the weapons never again.



For some time

Became quiet the Earth.

But jounger alpes appeared the in the World

And the battles broke out again.


Song 2



Then Lord Tangra punished them.

Made he that from the last alpes

Could be only mortal humans born.

So they appeared in the Earth.


*higher alpes (dives) gods

**Middle alpes (dives) god-natured men.

***The mountain of Ural

About Baris , Barin and Kubar

Part I
Song 7


The mighty Alp Baris

Who in his anger

Could kill only with glance

Was kindly dive.



Irascible , but good-natured

Were Jile* and Kubar.**

Kubar has brother

Alp Baran.***



When Kubar and Baran

Became elderly

They began a quarrel:

Who inherits the farters thunder-sword.



Their father was

The fightfull Alp Barin.

Was he transformateing into a grew wolf

In memory of his perished brother Tun-Buri.



With great plesure

Was he takeing part in all the fights of alpes.

But when Tangra forbided these pugnacityes

He left his sword.



He is carying away in the battles of men

as in game.

These , whom he sympatizes

With howl and other sighns

Showes he the outcome of battle

And the key of victory.



When his chosen men

Dont understand his sighns

They suffer defeat.

But Barin saves them.



When Barin

So much sympatizes the men ,

Before the war , in night

Entacts he battles in the cloudes.



In the battles take part

The slain alpes.

They cant get down the Earth.

Amuses Barin with their fights.



The fighting alpes divides he

In two armyes:

Dark alpes

And Light dives.



When the dark alpes win

It means:

The chosen men of Barin

Will be defeated.



When the light alpes win

It forebodes

The chosen men of Barin

Will have a splendid victory.



In the battles of men

Barin never takes part.

He is too carying away

And doesent he want to spoil the games.



Barin suggested

His children

To be thunderer in order

For three thousand years per one.



But to choose

Who would be

Thunderer the first

They had a lots.



The luck get

Alp Kubar.

Baran run away

Bursting out in anger.



*Baris God with magicle power , arbiter among the gods. He wears the name of bars , the Snow leopard (Uncia uncia) , who lives in the mountains of Central Asia

**Jile God of wind and cloudes

***Baran ram in Russian


Comment : Baris conformes to the Teutonic God Heimdalur , also to the Hinduist God Shiva. Barin and Kubar conform to Odin and Thor like Wariorgod-father and Thundergod-son. The perished brother of Barin is Tun Buri. Buri is also the drandfather of Odin. The wolf is also the favourite beast of Odin. The slain alpes are living in the Heaven ; they are fighting there one-another , divided in two armyes ; their Lord is Barin. All this corespondes to the Teotonic mythology , where the slain wariors are livind in Valhala (Palace of Slain) and their Lord is Odin , named Valfodur (Father of Slain). The fighting alpes are divided into Light and Dark alpes. In the Edda is also related about the war between Light and dark alves , who are living in Alvheimur.

About Thule (Tshulman)

Part I
Song 5


Went he (Ji-Utshek)* in the North

There , they say , in the island of Tshulman

Is a bridje

To the Eight heaven.


Song 6



By the way Dulosu**

Was going to the place

Inhabited by Sokol***

Guard of the North.



There , in the North

Is the end of Earth

And begins an enormous sea

Named Tshulmanian.



In the middle of sea

Is the island of Tshulman.

There are living many alpes.


Song 3



From time to time the humans bred a lot

And began to embarrass the alpes.

Decided then the alpes

To destroy the human race.



In the island of Tshulman the alpes built

A wall of stones

Which was shuting out

The sunlight from the humans.



It came darcness and cold everywhere.

Ice covered the Earth and the humans stoped

children to bear.

The people began caves to dig

But the death reached them too.


* * *


However Alp Karga (Crow in Bulgarian), sent by Tangra , destroyes the wall and saves the humans. Such legend also in known from the heritage of some Siberian peoples.


*Ji-Utshek - son of Alp Bojan Imen

**Dulosu - the Holy river

***Sokol falcon in Russian and Bulgarian.


Comments : Thule (Tshulman) is the mythical northen homeland of Aryans. In the ancient Greek legends Thule is the Island of heroes , where governes the blonde Radamantis. Thule is also the Sunny island. In the language of people of Pamir mountain in Central Asia , relative to Bulgarians , Thule means Gods order.